AVS College of Arts and Science

Placement Details as on April 30th 2013 Number of Total placement offers:472 | Number of students with 2 offers:60 | Number of students with 4 offers:03 | Number of students with 5 offers and above:03

Welcome to the AVS College of Arts & Science ::::

AVS College of Arts & Science is located on the Salem – Attur main road near Ayothiyapattanam. Our prime aim is to produce graduates through enriched learning, academic brilliance, professional training and enabling corporate exposure. The college provides a unique learning environment with all basic amenities through mutual love and respect, and the efficiency to cater the needs of the student community. There are no walls to ideas, no walls to discoveries and no walls to knowledge. Here we continue to cultivate and nurture the ‘can- do’ spirit among the students.