The Department of History was established in 2017 to promote social, economical and cultural history of Tamil Nadu, India and the world. It focuses on the different aspects of ancient, medieval and modern history of India. ... Historiography, Theory and Practice of Historical Writing, History of Science, Environment, Archaeology, Epigraphy and Numismatics are covered in the curriculum teaching.
     As most of the students hail from rural background the department strives to promote intellectual, moral, educational and cultural values.The curriculum makes possible for the students to have comprehensive as well as in depth knowledge in history so as to enable them to clear Civil Service Examinations and take up administrative careers with confidence in future. Graduates with a B.A. History degree can also find employment in multiple public and private sectors. Some of the fields which employ such graduates are: Education, Archaeology, Private Sector, Travel and Tourism.
     To add supplement to the curriculum delivery, the department offers add-on courses, certificate courses, and value-added courses. It also arranges guest lectures, internships and field visits for practical exposures. Conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums are conducted to make the students aware of recent historical discoveries.