The department of Visual Communication was started in 2018 with strength of 26 students. It nurtures the students in film making, multimedia, advertising to cater to the needs in media and industry or media outlets. Curriculum is delivered through ICT lectures, group discussions, field work, ... industrial visits, seminars, conferences, workshops, symposiums and exhibitions.
     To make easy understanding and applying visual communication process, practical exercises in inter-personal, organizational and inter-culture communication is arranged.The department also offers add-on courses, certificate courses, value-added courses and vocational education training to make the students develop skills needed to the advanced industry in parallel to their curriculum.
     The department is equipped with Audio-video laboratory, Multimedia laboratory and Studio where students learn the practical skills of reporting, interviewing, writing, editing and presentation. The students also produce news and feature stories, documentary, short film and ad film for radio and television. The students of our department take in-house and out-house projects. They undergo internships in reputed movie and television production houses.