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Staff Welfare

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Staff Welfare

• On Emergency, transport facility arranged.
• Free transport facilities.
• Waiver of fees up to for teacher’s children in the Institution.
• Medical leave and maternity leave.
• Supporting for education of the children of the teachers in the Group institutions.
• On the occasion of Teacher’s Day Sweets are distributed to all the staffs.
• On any medical need, hospital facility is arranged.
• Monthly one Casual Leave and two one hour permission is allowed to avail.
• Yearly 20 days of Vocation leave is given to faculty members and 30 On Duty‘s are given for valuation, acting as additional chief and for acting as external examiner for university practical exam.
• Periodical health checkups conducted by a Team of doctors.
• Yoga facilities, Gym facilities are available.

• Educational support to the children of the staff.
• Marriage gifts with the sanction of one week leave.
• Granting Medical leave/maternity leave.
• Medical Support from our Indian Medical System.
• Free transport facilities.
• SSL for higher studies.
• Incentive for attending orientation programs, workshops and conferences.
• Gifts during Teacher’s day celebrations.
• Get-to-togethers arranged for staff.
• Incentive for dress materials for non-teaching staff.
• Incentive for vehicle utilization or transport allowance for non-taeching staff.
• Incentive for materials for house keeping staff.
• Subsidiary canteen fare for non-teaching staff.
• Group Insurance.