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English Literary Association (ELA)
English Literary Association comes up with innovative tasks for the members of the club to sharpen their intelligence and vocabulary, as a part of their extracurricular activity. It conducts various inter and intra departmental activities for students, such as poetry writing, pick and speak, debates etc. The club screens English literary movies, plays and performances. It encourages students to approach Govt. Primary Schools to help those students learn English as a second language.
  • To stimulate creative thinking and creative writing in the English Language.
  • To make the students be comfortable with English during participation in the association activities.
  • To make students use English accurate and fluent.
  • To nurture the taste of literature among the students.
  • To instill, uphold and enhance the English literary skills.
  • To develop skills required to facilitate the advancement of English Literature as a whole.
Club Activities  (2020 - 2021)
Club Activities  (2021 - 2022)