AVS College of Arts & Science campus extends over an area of 13.34 acres with an usage area of 27011.5 Sq.m. comprising classrooms with proper ventilation, numerous Laboratories, Workshop, Smart classrooms, Library, digital library, Computer Centre and Seminar halls. The Institution has policies for conception and enhancement of infrastructure in order to endorse a good teaching-learning environment. The need for infrastructure is examined regularly based on the requirement of students and prerequisite of the departments. The classrooms of respective departments consist of essential provisions to enable the use of LCD Projector and Laptop/Computer for Teaching-Learning process. The College has seminar halls with LCD projectors, computers with internet connectivity and public address system. These halls are utilized for co-curricular activities such as Seminars, Guest lectures, Workshops, Symposiums, Conferences and Faculty development programmes. The college has well equipped laboratories as per university norms and are maintained periodically. The College has 714 computers and all those are connected through LAN and Wi-Fi facilities.