Our College go green club function with a motto “March towards Green” the vision of the club is committed to transforming into a green youth organization.

The vision is to embed sustainability & environmental protection into the core & fundamental value. To go in track with vision this Go green club was initiated since 2013 Salem City is surrounded with rocky mountains named Jarugu malai, Nammamalai, Nagaramalai, Kanjamalai etc..

The aim of this club was to change these mountains as green one now in 2020 Jarugumalai, Namamalai, Nagaramalai was transformed to greenish mountains more than 5,500 Students was involved in this event & made the salem city green


To raise awareness among students so that they understand environmental issues.
To in still a sense of responsibility for the environment and a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment.
To educate and cultivate an appreciation and interest in the environment.
Take an Environmentally Informative Field Trip
To change all rocky mountains of salem to Greenish mountains.

From 2013 – 2020, more than 7,500 saplings was planted on the mark of Environmental June 5th 1,50,000 Seed balls were sown in the above mentioned hills with help of 15,00,000 lakhs country seeds 100 students of this year went for field visit & got trained in horticulture. An awareness rally was conducted in the adopted village such as periyagoundapuram, chinagoundapuram, & yeripudhur.

"T2H" Concept was followed by AVSCAS students ie Tree 2 home concept where 1645 homes was planted and more than 1645 students was involved to implement this concept.

Go green Club also extended their service to the surrounding govt & Private schools for plantation more than 50 Schools on the mark of Kamarajar birthday was benefited by 100 Saplings.

More than this our honourable prime minister schemes was also followed by this Go green Club “One Tree, One Student” 4500 students was issue with 4500 Saplings. This club focused on the design & construction of more than 600 check dams in Jarugu malai, Nammamalai, Nagaramalai, Kanjamalai etc..

Saplings are planted on the mark of National festive days such as Independence Day, Republic Day, New year Day, Yoga Day, Abdul kalam birthday, Youth Empowerment day, Mahatma Gandhi birthday, Environmental day, Labour day, International Women’s Day, World population day,International Mountain day

Our college go green club functions to create the campus & salem city with eco Friendly environment which created a positive changes in the environment, this club to save extent protect the natural environment for ever on the earth for the healthy possibility of life. Each student of our college in his / her 3 or 5 years duration they plant minimum 15 saplings. This activity paved the way for increase the ground water level of salem surroundings and also increase in rainfall was recorded in salem city.

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